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Nicola Brand Strings Data Collection Policy.
Nicola Brand Strings Swoop

Nicola's Data Collection Policy Statement

  • It's real simple. Nicola Brand Strings doesn't share any of your information with anyone or any other company. All of your information stays with Nicola Brand Strings.

  • If you were to ever receive an offer from something outside of our products we would send it to you directly from us, as our policy is not to give, rent, or sell any information we have gotten from you via your purchases, our mailing list(s), Online forms or surveys.

  • You should also understand that Nicola Brand Strings has no control over Social Media Platforms. When you log into a Social Media Platform they are in control of their data collection. Nicola Brand Strings can not be held responsible for what Social Media Platforms do with their data collection.
  • If you have any questions please contact us.

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